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Quick Answer Readings

– Get support in 24-36h –

Experience the power of Quick Answer Readings (QAR) and receive personalised support exactly when you need it.

Whether we have a burning question, a topic that occupies our thoughts, a relationship dynamic to resolve, or any other situation that may be stealing our peace of mind, we often require quick clarity.

That’s why I’ve created the QAR (Quick Answer Readings), where I’ll respond with a 10 minutes Intuitive Reading within 24-36 hours (excluding weekends).

The QAR is for you if:


  • You need assistance in making decisions.
  • You seek clarity and perspective on any situation in your life.
  • You aspire to cultivate healthy relationships (personal, romantic, professional) and let go of unhealthy or toxic energies.
  • You feel stuck, frustrated, and yearn to rediscover excitement in life, to feel vibrant and reignite that spark.
  • You acknowledge the need for change but are uncertain about how to proceed and need clarity on the next steps.
  • You aim to achieve inner clarity and nurture emotional intelligence. You wish to enhance your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom.

    psychic Queen 👑

    Master the art of giving Readings

    Infuse the Psychic Industry with a fresh approach by mastering the art of giving Readings with unwavering Integrity.

    Are you intuitive and possess a deep desire to assist others with your extraordinary abilities? If so, Psychic Queen is the perfect program for you.

    This unique program is tailored to people like you, particularly if you’re driven to infuse the psychic industry with a fresh, contemporary, and honourable approach.

    Perhaps you’ve always felt out of place with traditional fortune-telling methods, and instead, you’re committed to upholding strong values and ethics while genuinely empowering your clients.

    I’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive framework that will empower you to deliver exceptional readings, whether you choose to incorporate tarot cards or not.

    Join me for an enriching 1:1 experience that spans over 8 transformative weeks.

    Take the first step and apply now to become a Psychic Queen.


      – High level mentorship –

      Experience the power of close proximity support through a blend of coaching, high-level mentorship, and psychic wisdom.

      Room for More is ideal for you if:

      • Things have felt stuck for too long, and you need a change but don’t know where or how to start.
      • You know you were born with a purpose and would like to get crystal clear on what it is and how you can live it and share it with the world.
      • You are on a self-development journey and would like ongoing guidance for reflection, feedback, and high-level support.
      • You desire to have someone support you with your decisions in your personal and professional life, helping you tap into your inner wisdom and trust your own intuitive voice.
      • You desire to have a sacred space where you can simply be yourself, share from the heart, engage in deeper conversations, and infuse your life with insightful guidance.

      I take on a very limited number of private clients per month. Please fill the application to see if we are a good fit. Investment is 1000 € / month.

      Programs and courses


      Become the Sensational version of yourself, by learning to cultivate unshakable confidence through self-love, unapologetically prioritise self-care, build sustainable habits, practice intuitive eating for more energy, vitality & natural weight-loss, prioritise your well-being, and release habits that jeopardise your inner peace.


      Join Connected, a 21-day transformative program that delivers daily intuitive downloads, expands your mindset, and guides you back to your purpose and soul calling, while nurturing your well-being and helping you embrace limitless possibilities in life and business.


      Develop and refine your intuitive abilities with this simple yet effective 21-day self-paced course. Activate your inner compass with daily, improve decision-making, cultivate self-awareness, and connect to valuable knowledge. Boost confidence and foster inner clarity for life and business.

      Lifetime access.

      Free RESOURCES

      Free masterclass

      Tap into your inner psychic, master aligned decision-making, spot life's red flags, and embrace your true authentic self. Use intuition as your compass, differentiate fear from intuition, and enhance your psychic abilities for clear insights and emotional intelligence. Get instant access now!

      free meditation

      Listen to my "Energy Shower" free meditation - a refreshing experience that realigns your inner balance and revitalises your spirit.

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