About me

My name is Sophia Colangelo. I am a psychic, certified life coach and mentor with a life passion for personal development and empowerment. 

My journey into self-inquiry and personal development began in my teens. By the time I was in my twenties I was traveling the world learning in close proximity from renowned self-development teachers and motivational speakers. As my intuitive and psychic abilities deepened, my clientele grew from an intimate circle of friends to a world-wide network of clients seeking personal and professional guidance and tools for awakening their own intuitive capabilities. 

I love supporting women move from confusion, doubts and fear to confidence, peace of mind and clarity. Because when we have clarity, we truly have everything.

I take pride in my down-to-earth approach where I combine emotional intelligence with relatability, humility, and dashes of humor so that sessions are comfortable, engaging, and actionable. 

Over my decades long experience, while I am known for my clarity and accuracy, I believe my true gift lives in my ability to empower clients to ignitetrust, and awaken their own intuitive voice which is the ultimate meaning of being a psychic. 

I am an Italian living in Vienna. I have a vibrant appreciation for confidence, personal style, self-care and self-irony. In the mornings and on breaks I can be found enjoying contemplative moments with a favorite mug of good coffee and my beautiful (and intuitive!) cats close by. 

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Sessions are available in English or Italian. 


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