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For the Remarkable Woman

Ready to Embrace More in Life.

When we possess inner clarity, we truly have everything we need to feel fulfilled and achieve our goals.

We gain more peace of mind, have more fun, experience more joy, harness greater energy and motivation, find more enthusiasm, and boost our self-esteem.

Above all, we deepen our intuition because clarity helps us connect with ourselves and our inner voice.

In my over two decades of working with clients from all over the world, I’ve come to realise that when we have clarity on any topic or situation, whether it’s mundane, trivial, or substantial, we navigate life differently.

We show up differently.

We radiate a unique confidence and quiet sophistication that aligns with our true selves.

The possibilities for achieving clarity are limitless and can encompass personal, professional, and relationship matters.

My role, as an intuitive mentor and coach, is to assist you in attaining that clarity so that you can solve the puzzle of your own life.

So that you can create the life of your dreams.

And most importantly, to empower you to step into the remarkable woman you were always meant to be.

About Sophia

I am a psychic, certified life coach and mentor with a life passion for personal development and empowerment.

I love supporting women move from confusion, doubts and fear to confidence, peace of mind and clarity.

Over my decades long experience, while I am known for my clarity and accuracy, I believe my true gift lives in my ability to empower clients to ignitetrust, and awaken their own intuitive voice which is the ultimate meaning of being a psychic.

I have a vibrant appreciation for confidence, personal style, self-care and self-irony. In the mornings and on breaks I can be found enjoying contemplative moments with a favorite mug of good coffee and my beautiful (and intuitive!) cats close by. 


“Since the beginning of this year and your program, I changed my job, upped my salary, and got into a great healthy relationship with a great guy. Maybe even moved cities in pursued of my dreams. It’s incredible. I am so grateful!!! THANK YOU!”

Gabrielle, Clinical Psychologist

“I had a reading recently again with Sophia (my husband and I have known her for almost 20 years) and we love to consult her on personal and business questions – it has always been very supportive and clarifying – and peace of mind including.

She looks into potential energies of topics/questions one has, and beside her very accurate intuitive skills and her great well wisdom, she also uses special tarot cards to support her readings to provide individualised information and support, which at times can also be of practical nature.

I find her down to earth and very professional in how she does this.”


I have had the pleasure of reaching out and asking Sophia many questions over more than a decade. Whether I found myself in a crisis, needed to expand my limited view on a particular topic, was hoping for a solution for an old, persisting issue, or wished for feedback and confirmation when stepping up in life and taking a few risks…Sophia always has a way to present well grounded, valuable and practical insight and advise in a light, even fun way. Nothing seems to faze her, even matters concerning house-building. I find writing and fleshing out the questions already very helpful. Sophia’s recordings remain easily accessible. They become like mantras or sources to re-listen, hear and reflect on – always enriching and calming.


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Become the Sensational version of yourself, by learning to cultivate unshakable confidence through self-love, unapologetically prioritise self-care, build sustainable habits, practice intuitive eating for more energy, vitality & natural weight-loss, prioritise your well-being, and release habits that jeopardise your inner peace.


Join Connected, a 21-day transformative program that delivers daily intuitive downloads, expands your mindset, and guides you back to your purpose and soul calling, while nurturing your well-being and helping you embrace limitless possibilities in life and business.


Develop and refine your intuitive abilities with this simple yet effective 21-day self-paced course. Activate your inner compass with daily, improve decision-making, cultivate self-awareness, and connect to valuable knowledge. Boost confidence and foster inner clarity for life and business.

Lifetime access.


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Tap into your inner psychic, master aligned decision-making, spot life's red flags, and embrace your true authentic self. Use intuition as your compass, differentiate fear from intuition, and enhance your psychic abilities for clear insights and emotional intelligence. Get instant access now!

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Listen to my "Energy Shower" free meditation - a refreshing experience that realigns your inner balance and revitalises your spirit.

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